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What is Netdollar ?

Netdollar is a new generation electronic cash payment & transfer system for financial institutions such as banks or remittance companies who want to use blockchain to reach more mobile users and get revenues from all transactions. For local and digital Electronic money that will protect the interests of its stakeholders and issuers. Our company's mission is to include in the financial system young people living in urban areas who are excluded from the expensive traditional banking system that is not adapted to their needs. They will be able to open a digital account, make transfers, payments, buy in-store online and exchange currencies. The system has KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money laudering)interface accessible to bankers and merchants under different physical platforms, Internet and mobile and will allow players in the informal unbanked sector to enjoy new financial technologies at lower costs. Our goal is to facilitate transfert and micro payments and avoid such concepts as queue, lost payment, transaction day and mistrust. netdollar is based on blockchain technology and modern cryptographic algorithms. These technologies make the netdollar system safe and reliable, providing all users with transparent access to the history of operations. Financial institutions and money transfer companies can use our platform to access the mobile users all over the world want to transfer, buy and pay fast and easy without frictions.

How it works


Netdollar uses blockchain technology , which ensures that data can not be falsified and compromised. Each block in the chain depends on the previous one - this means that it is impossible to forge the data and something can not be rectified architecturally.


Netdollar is a decentralized system that does not depend on either the central authority or the server. Due to the distribution, the failure of one of the nodes does not lead to loss of data.

Cryptographic protection

To ensure data protection in netdollar, modern cryptographic algorithms are used. Also, there is a permanent security audit by mentors and the community


Through the use of the block system, any member of the netdollar system can access the history of all transactions. Open source code of the system. To manage netdollar only a web browser is required, the control panel will be available on any device, including a smartphone.


Thanks to the use of cryptographic algorithms and blocking technology, hacking is inexpedient, since the cost of hacking exceeds the cost of remuneration. In addition, netdollar has passed several security audits.


Due to the use of distributed technologies in netdollar, there is no single point of failure of the system. The engine of crypto currency works simultaneously on several nodes, which can be anywhere. 5 nodes on 5 continents make the cluster non-destructible.

Our Team

We are a highly diversified team made of Blockchain, finance and business development specialists who have worked on several continents (North America, Europe and Africa), allowing us to execute our vision of a global player. We are a team of like-minded people, although among us there are programmers and financiers, marketers and even bankers. We see that the current banking system has outlived itself and does not suit people. We also lost trust in banks. In addition, we are convinced that banks that do not listen to the needs of modern man will die out like mammoths.
Many of our acquaintances consider us crazy, but we have firmly decided to create a new financial model, new rules of the game.
The new rules will be based on honesty, transparency, convenience and security.

We are looking for talents!

If you do not represent your life without programming, are not afraid of difficulties,
have experience working on blockchain projects, we are waiting for your resume. Join our team!

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We are proud that we were born and live in Quebec, Canada. We are in the Montreal. We work and create in the Chabanel district - Ahunstsic. This place, The Fashion city, is one of the symbols of the greatness fashion of our people, it charges and inspires us to the most courageous decisions.

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    294, Chabanel Str. West, (Ahuntsic-Cartierville) (Qc) H2N 1G5 Montreal, Canada.

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