Netdollar uses blockchain technology , which ensures that data can not be falsified and compromised. Each block of the chain depends on the previous one – it means that it is impossible to forge the data and that something can not be rectified architecturally.


ue to the distribution, the failure of one of the nodes does not result in data loss.

Cryptographic protection

To ensure data protection in netdollar, modern cryptographic algorithms are used. In addition, there is a permanent security check by mentors and the community


By using the block system, any member of the netdollar system can access the history of all transactions. Open source code of the system. To manage netdollar only a web browser is required, the control panel will be available on any device, including a smartphone.


Thanks to the use of cryptographic algorithms and blocking technology, piracy is inopportune, since the cost of piracy exceeds the cost of remuneration. In addition, netdollar has passed several security audits.


Due to the use of distributed technologies in Netdollar, there is no single point of failure of the system. The crypto currency engine works simultaneously on multiple nodes, which can be anywhere. 5 nodes on 5 continents make the cluster non-destructible.

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